Kingsway Vrac
23 December | 2020

Merger of 2 others companies with Kingsway bulk

In January 2021, TFI International will merge two of its companies with Kingsway vrac : Les Transports Michel Charbonneau inc. and Transport Bergeron. Resulting in a single company operating under the Kingsway Bulk name, this merger will establish significant synergy by combining the operations of the three entities. In doing so, Kingsway Bulk thereby broadens its spectrum of operations, including the transport of forest by-products such as wood chips, planes, sawdust, bark and the transport of explosives.

Founded in 1987, Les Transport Michel Charbonneau inc. joined TFI International in 2016.

Founded in 1966, Transport Bergeron became a member of TFI International in 2005.

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