Kingsway Vrac
1 December | 2018

Acquisition of A. Beaumont Transport Inc.

In December 2018, TFI International acquired A. Beaumont Transport Inc. Based in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures for over 20 years, A. Beaumont Transport Inc. specializes in transporting bulk cargo, such as chemical, aggregate and petroleum products.

With a fleet of approximately 75 trucks and 125 trailers, the company serves a diverse clientele in Canada and the United States.  By acquiring A. Beaumont Transport Inc. in winter 2018, TFI International indicated its intention to maintain its position as the North American leader in bulk transportation. The company now operates as Beaumont and will adopt a new vision to secure a better market position and maintain profitability. The company will now focus on chemical tank and dump body transportation and has proven expertise in these areas. The vehicle fleet will be renewed to comply with the high standards set by TFI International Inc.

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